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Next: Why You Should Vaccinate

Next: Why You Should Vaccinate
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Why You Should Vaccinate - I'm getting tired of hearing of more and more outbreaks of measles, mumps and other preventable diseases, all because some parents refuse to vaccinate their children.

These parents are taking the words of "celebrities" over the words of learned doctors and scientists. Not only has the original scientist who reported the supposed "link" with vaccinations and autism recanted and admitted that he *made up all his data*, several large studies have been conducted since and every single one of them has proven that there IS NO LINK between vaccinations and autism. NONE.

So now these parents are risking the health of their own children for some irrational fear of something that will not happen. I have to wonder of all the "anti-vaxxer" parents, what percentage of them have ended up with an autistic child, despite not having them vaccinated? How do they explain the autism then?

Here is a short video from Penn & Teller that really boils down this issue (warning, there is some cussing).

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