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Next : Not Ready For That Again - Yet

Next : Not Ready For That Again - Yet
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Not Ready For That Again - Yet - Every once in awhile, there are days which require 20 hours of effort; give or take. I mean that literally. You're up and relatively 'active' for that length of time, then you get to sleep for a couple of hours and start all over again. Fortunately, the next day is usually a 'standard' 8 - 9 hour day, so you can go to bed 'early' and all that good stuff.

Well, it would seem clear to me that I'm not ready for those again, after my 'health event' almost a month ago. Well, at least not yet. I did the 20 hour day yesterday, then went to bed... and slept for 10 hours. I got up for about 3 1/2 hours, laid down, and slept for another 4 hours or so.

That's something I don't do. Normally, I can't sleep that much, let alone lay on the bed that long without creating aches and pains. I know I'm not back to 'normal' yet. I guess this is just the body's way of reminding me I'm not. Of all the alternatives, I guess 'sleep' is a comparatively 'gentle' reminder that we aren't 'there' - yet. Not Ready For That Again - Yet (bubblews)
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