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Next: I Have a Clean Bill of Health!

Next: I Have a Clean Bill of Health!
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I Have a Clean Bill of Health - Back in December I had a full blood panel done and overall my numbers all came back good (my cholesterol was down to 192!). The only concerning number was my blood glucose level, at 124. However, the day before I had the test taken, I had suffered from the norovirus and had been violently ill. My doctor said it may have affected the test results and ordered another test for me.

I retook the fasting blood sugar test in January and the results just came back - it's now at 101. That is a much healthier number (and the fact it went down is a good sign).

So while I know I'm not exercising enough (and I plan to fix that), I'm happy that it looks like I'm overall quite healthy. I did some additional reading and if I also lose 7-10% of my body weight, it could also help my blood glucose numbers (ideally it should be below 100, so I'm close, but I'd like to get even closer). - I Have a Clean Bill of Health (bubblews)
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